Tiny Sheep: Pet Sim on a Farm

Tiny Sheep: Pet Sim on a Farm

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Game overview

Become a sheep farmer in Tiny Sheep! Build and manage your farm, sell wool, and protect your flock from dangers. Compete with friends and visit their farms in this charming game.

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While enjoying a leisurely stroll in a lush meadow, you notice a fluffy white object drifting down from the clouds. Upon inspection, you realize it's a miniature white sheep! As you approach, the sheep locks eyes with you, its adorably large sheep eyes peering up at you.

What could you do with this cloud-born sheep?

This unexpected visitor may be a divine signal urging you to become a sheep farmer.

- Harvest wool from your sheep and sell it to profit, then witness as it regrows right before your eyes!
- With ten farms to establish, each with special and entertaining capabilities, you can build a fun variation of farm buildings.
- Every sheep has distinct flavor preferences when it comes to favorite hay. Create an enjoyable range of hay bales to treat your sheep!
- With a comprehensive sheep simulation mechanism, your little sheep will wander around to find fresh grass to eat. Ensure your sheep doesn't stray too far, or it'll become a sorrowful, lonely sheep!
- Your farm's grass will deteriorate as it's eaten away, so make sure to water it often to keep it verdant and lively.
- Improve your village to acquire additional resources that will help with your farm management. Build a church, and you can pray for rain to rejuvenate your pastures!
- Construct fences, and have a shotgun ready to secure your flock from wolf attacks.
- Challenge your friends to see who can nurture the most prize-winning and exceptional flock.
- Visit your friends' farms and send gifts by connecting with Facebook.
- Gorgeous, detailed, hand-drawn graphics designed to look radiant on your retina display.

To receive assistance and updates, visit our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/tinysheepgame.

Before contacting us, follow the measures outlined in this troubleshooting guide if you have trouble launching the app: http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1702?viewlocale=en_US.
SuperFine Games Limited
Release date
Dec 17, 2012

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