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Tiny Gladiators

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Game overview

Tiny Gladiators is a single player RPG fighting game that allows you to battle powerful enemies, purchase powerful gear, and challenge others online.

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Tiny Gladiators blends the intensity of an action-fighting game with the excitement of a thrilling RPG adventure. With four unique regions to explore, you'll encounter a host of powerful foes that you must not only defeat but also face off against intimidating bosses. By vanquishing these enemies, you'll get ever closer to your ultimate goal: discovering what really happened to your father.

To outmatch your opponents, you must upgrade your character's abilities, acquire new skills, and equip powerful gear. Tiny Gladiators features dozens of unique weapons and armor pieces to discover, each with its own unique combat effects. With every new piece you find, you'll be one step closer to surmounting the game's toughest challenges.

In addition to the single player story mode, you can compete against other players in online battles that will test your skills to the limit. Bring your best gear and abilities, and climb your way to the top of the global leaderboards!

For those seeking the ultimate in challenge, step into the Survival Tower. This high-stakes mode is fraught with danger- but the rewards for surviving multiple rounds and defeating numerous opponents are truly worth it. You get one free chance per day, but beyond that, you'll have to invest your hard-earned in-game currency to continue.

Multiplayer is where the real action takes place! Play with friends or thousands of other players from across the globe. Send out a challenge and prove to everyone who is the ultimate champion!

Supported by 3D Touch technology, you can start a single or multiplayer game directly from the game icon. If you have an iOS device, your progress will automatically synchronize to iCloud, letting you continue your games seamlessly wherever you go.

Tiny Gladiators is also available in 24 different languages, so players from around the world can enjoy this exciting and action-packed game. With leaderboards and achievements to unlock, there's always something rewarding to strive for in Tiny Gladiators.
BoomBit, Inc.
Release date
Apr 05, 2017

Gameplay & Streams

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