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Tiny Defense

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Save Green Planet from vicious Machines! 150 levels, mighty robotic army, and challenging boss fights in a cute cartoonish package.

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Green Planet is an adorably charming place that's home to a group of tiny, robotic creatures known as "Minirobots". Their peaceful existence is shattered, however, with the unwelcome arrival of "The Machines", an army of robots intent on developing the planet into a space resort. It's up to you to save your friends and protect the planet from harm.

Tiny Defense takes the classic tower defense game and brings it to life with bright, cartoon-style graphics and charmingly funny characters. The gameplay is easy to pick up, but offers a good amount of depth for serious strategy game fans. With over 150 levels to conquer, there's plenty of content to keep players engaged.

You'll need to collect energy crystals to build an army of robots and take on the enemy, who are everywhere you turn: on the ground, in the skies, under the sea, and even hidden underground. Choose from 40 different types of cute, but deadly robot, and face off against 32 different kinds of ruthless enemy. Each of the five areas (Glass Land, Desert, Underwater, Glacier, Iron Fortress) offers its own unique challenges to test your strategic prowess.

In addition to the main game, there are over 30 mini-games to challenge and entertain you, as well as a host of upgrades, unlockables, and achievements to discover. With over 20 hours of gameplay on offer, this is a game that will keep you engaged for a long time to come.

Prove that size doesn't matter in Tiny Defense - a game that's fun, challenging, and a real treat for fans of the genre. Compatible with a wide range of Apple devices running iOS 4.3 or later. Get in touch via Twitter, Facebook, or the Tiny Defense Community forum to share your thoughts and stay updated on all the latest news.
Picsoft Studio
Release date
Sep 22, 2011
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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