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Game overview

Tiny Connections is a puzzle game where players connect houses with infrastructure in tight spaces while balancing efficiency and community well-being.

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If you enjoy puzzle games, Tiny Connections is the perfect challenge for you. You will have to connect houses with essential services such as water and power while considering the well-being of the community. It is not an easy task to achieve as the game's layout is designed to test your cleverness and strategy.

Your objective in Tiny Connections is to link households of the same colour to their matching stations while avoiding any roadblocks. The game gets increasingly difficult with each level you unlock, but worry not as the game makers have included power-ups to help you out.

Tiny Connections has a simple, user-friendly interface that provides a relaxing experience for players to enjoy as they connect houses. You will be able to escape the chaos of daily life by immersing yourself in this game.

The game has features such as an easy Connection System, supporting seamless connections between the houses from matching infrastructure. The powers ups such as tunnels, junctions, house rotations and powerful swaps will enhance your strategy and advance the game. Dive into real-world maps that were inspired by real countries and include unique challenges for players to overcome.

To add to the excitement, Tiny Connections has daily and weekly challenges where you can compete for rewards and put your skills to the test. Furthermore, you can earn achievements and climb the global leaderboard to show others your gaming expertise. This game is designed to be inclusive and accessible to all players with a colourblind mode that supports multiple variations.

In conclusion, Tiny Connections allows players to immerse themselves in this world of puzzles and strategy, and available in multiple languages such as English, French, Dutch, German, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Japanese, Thai, Korean and Portuguese.
Release date
Nov 06, 2023
Single player