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Time of the Dead": an interactive otome game set in a zombie universe, with romance, thriller, and multiple endings based on your decisions.

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In "Time of the Dead", every choice shapes the adventure you embark on! As a player, you'll experience a thrilling and interactive otome fantasy that offers multiple endings and full stories. Your decisions will unlock hidden episodes allowing you to pursue ROMANCE with captivating characters. As the story progresses and clues emerge, you must solve a case to save the characters and kingdom. Ultimately, your choices will determine whether the story ends in love or something more ominous.

Lucydream has joined forces with a new partner to develop their first collaborative interactive otome game within a zombie-infested universe, dubbed "Time of the Dead." This title is a fantasy story game that features a combination of romance and thriller elements, with various episodes that cater to different player styles.

"The dead came out of their graves and attacked the innocent people!", creating a phenomenon never seen before that has thrown the Joseon kingdom into turmoil. Some residents are frightened beyond belief, while others refuse to acknowledge the danger. "There's definitely a cause for all this," is the prevailing belief, prompting you to seek answers and fight back against the zombies.

The game features strikingly attractive characters that players can pursue in story episodes. For instance, there's Yeob, the Wanderer with a sad past who has a big heart, Ryu, The trustful leader of the evacuation group, Gyeom, an erudite Scholar who values life and is kind to everyone, and Bok, a scared and naive, yet charming boy.

"Time of the Dead" is an otome visual novel game with a historical drama twist, offering you the chance to follow the stories based on your choices. The game's unique and immersive intersection of romantic fantasy and thriller elements allows players to solve mysteries using clues and pursue their dream love interest through various episodes. The game delivers a realistic Joseon-period description with fantasy stories, providing an excellent blend of history and fiction.

This game will interest anyone looking for an interactive otome game experience that delves into zombie apocalypse. It's ideal for those interested in fateful love scenarios in life-threatening circumstances. Players who've enjoyed titles like Dangerous Fellows in the past will find similar experiences throughout several thrilling episodes. "Time of the Dead" also caters to otome role-playing gamers seeking more expansive storylines and players who love zombie fantasy stories.

Finally, for players that enjoy watching anime or reading novel love stories and want to experience a captivating and immersive storyline themselves, this game is perfect. As a note, while using the app, additional permissions will likely be required. For instance, storage permissions will be necessary for saving in-game illustrations. These permissions can always be granted or withdrawn from the app's settings if needed.

Experience a thrilling adventure beyond the grave with "Time of the Dead" and discover the countless paths your love story can take!
Release date
Jun 01, 2021
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

Ryu Ending❀Rose❀
Yeob Ending❀Rose❀
!‖Hidden Ending‖! Time of The Dead❀Rose❀
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