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Game overview

Join the sushi-serving tiger trio, solve puzzles across 60 stages, and explore ghost lands and outer space in this addictive programming-inspiring game.

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Embark on a delightful culinary adventure with a charming squad of animals who run a sushi food truck. The Tiger Trio, made up of three tiger siblings, will take you on an exciting journey, but beware, the orders always get muddled up! However, with the aid of their talented companions, you will need to solve various puzzles by manipulating sushi plates on conveyor belts. Employ your addition and subtraction skills to rectify various dishes and present them in their correct form before the orders reach the customers!

Travel across an array of diverse locations, including a land inhabited by phantoms and otherworldly terrain. Therefore, you will face different challenges, which will put your critical thinking to the test in the quest of solving all 60 puzzles. The game includes a hint function suitable for players of all ages, allowing you to explore with the Tiger Trio and their companions.

Additionally, your journey may even influence you to develop the mind of a programmer, which complements the solving of the puzzle. Enjoy this captivating puzzle game that guarantees to put your intelligence to good use while realizing just how much fun enjoying sushi can be!
Release date
Jul 20, 2021
Single player

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