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Game overview

Travel the world in Ticket to Ride, a modern take on the classic board game. Build an empire, dominate your opponents, and enjoy the immersive, ad-free experience.

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Set out for an incredible journey of traversing the globe with an unparalleled adventure that has redefined the face of modern board games. Build an empire of railway tracks that links the world's most popular cities, conquer noteworthy routes and leave your opponents behind in this fan-approved classic game!


Single Player Mode - Controlled by Masterful AIs

Powered by an innovative AI technology, the single player mode effectively challenges both amateur and seasoned players. The advanced Ticket to Ride AI system employs the best strategies, gained from learnings of over a hundred master players and perfected through millions of simulated games. The dynamic difficulty settings provide a thrilling and realistic experience by adapting to the player's playing style and behaviour during every game.

A Truly Social Experience with Online Multiplayer

Revolutionary technology now offers a new way to play online with a seamless match-making system that presents an ultra-social experience. Create private online games for friends and family and connect with fans globally in an open online multiplayer mode. Bubble social media features enable you to chat with co-players and collaborate on conquering the rails!

Async Multiplayer

Indulge in epic asynchronous gameplay. Don't let conflicting schedules and interruptions hinder you and your friends from playing together. Simply leave the game after playing your turn and return at your convenience!

An Immersive Gameplay

Experience every moment, brought to life with exquisite graphics that take you on an unforgettable adventure. From the intricately designed cards to the various train carriages, from the 3D map design to sleek animations, get ready to become one with the game!

Strategic Gameplay

Every game presents unprecedented challenges, and it's up to you to figure out the most effective solutions. Collect points by completing tickets, linking destinations and building the longest route available. As your railway network grows, no one will be left behind, and success is guaranteed!

The Premium Ad-free Experience

Pay for the game once and savor it endlessly, as interruptions will never ruin the delightful experience.

Only the Beginning…

Build your railway network starting from North America to Europe and brace yourself for new expansions that include fan favourites, exclusive add-ons meant only for the digital game!

Join the Community

Join our Discord and meet fellow railway pioneers. Be the first to know about updates, competitions, events and releases. Connect with Marmalade Game Studio, makers of popular games such as official Monopoly, Clue, Game of Life 2 and much more on mobile, PC and console! Existing Ticket to Ride fans played a pivotal role in the game's development and the incorporation of unique features, so expect the dedicated relationship to remain intact!
Release date
Dec 12, 2023

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