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Thunder Samurai Defend Village

Game overview

Protect your village, collect coins, upgrade your skills, and unleash thunder on invading enemies as a skilled samurai.

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Step into the shoes of a brave samurai, tasked with the daunting responsibility of defending your village from savage invaders. Utilize your battle prowess to withstand the relentless onslaught of enemy forces and accumulate valuable coins to enhance your capabilities and prolong your survival for as long as possible.

Unleash the full fury of nature upon your foes by dispatching waves of invaders, allowing you to access your mighty thunder ability and summon the power of lightning to decimate your opposition. Bask in the glory of a spectacular display of thunder and lightning, as you effortlessly vanquish your enemies with ease.

Utilize the coins collected from your victories to bolster your attack range, increase your health, and lengthen the duration of your thunder buff, allowing you to endure even more trials and tribulations.

Exercise utmost caution when wielding your katana, as reckless swings could throw off your balance and result in a delayed assault. Make every strike count and remain poised to dispatch your enemies with swift and calculated precision.

The game caters to the linguistic needs of a wide player base, featuring support for English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Turkish languages.
Release date
Mar 18, 2023
Single player

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