Thumper: Pocket Edition+

Thumper: Pocket Edition+

Drool LLC
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Game overview

Thumper is a high-speed rhythm action game where you navigate levels and face dangerous boss battles as a space beetle, backed by an epic original soundtrack.

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Thumper is an intense, rhythmic violence game, offering a classic non-stop action, lightning-quick pace, and fierce physicality. As a fearless space beetle, it's your duty to venture through the void and confront the monstrous giant head.

This pocket edition delivers a unique and special experience to the players, allowing them to indulge in all nine epic levels with just one hand, making it an incredibly accessible game. By travelling at lightning speed, acquiring new moves whilst overcoming abominable boss battles, this game is the ultimate test of your skills. You'll experience impactful gameplay with a compelling original soundtrack, which will stun you with it's jolting, thumping beat.This journey may be harsh, but to reach the height of euphoria, you must undergo the horrors of rhythm hell.

The Thumper game features nine epic levels, with each level presenting an increasingly challenging task for you. Be prepared to experience a rush of adrenaline, particularly in the boss battles, which puts your skills to the ultimate test. Its psychedelic visuals and compelling soundtrack make it one of the most mind-bending games you will ever play. The game is optimized for a smooth 60 FPS both in portrait and landscape mode and up to 120 FPS on supported devices, allowing for seamless gameplay.

Take on the challenge and try the PLAY+ mode, which increases the challenge and speed. Please keep in mind that wireless headphones may cause significant audio delays that might impact your experience; consequently, we recommend that you use wired headphones or integrated speakers for the best audio experience.
Drool LLC
Release date
Oct 01, 2021

Gameplay & Streams

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