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Throne Rush

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Join the Throne Rush MMORPG adventure with 18 mercenaries, epic campaigns, and PvP fights. Build, fortify, lead your clan and slay your enemies!

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When it comes to MMORPG projects, Throne Rush truly stands out with over 27 million installs and nearly 1 million "5 star" ratings, making it a high-quality, successful game. Download Throne Rush today and step into a huge fantasy world filled with unique continents waiting to be explored and conquered. With a vast array of buildings and resources at your disposal, build and fortify your stronghold while protecting it from looming attacks.

By recruiting 18 powerful mercenaries and leveling them up, you'll have an invincible squad ready for any challenge. The game also features an RTS component, allowing you to develop your empire's economy towards greatness without any limits. Exciting daily quests have been added to ensure that you'll never be bored, while various clans, guilds, and alliances are available to join or create.

Become the mightiest clan and wage war on those who are not with you for complete domination, or experience the no mercy PvP fights by crashing your enemies and everything else in your way before someone does it to you. Epic campaigns against bosses await, and you'll have the chance to finish all of the monsters in this incredible world.

Moreover, Throne Rush also offers regular themed events, heroes, and artefacts to keep the game interesting. Special heroes with unique skills like archers and swordsmen mages can be collected and employed to turn the tide of any battle in your favor.

Besides, your friends' invaluable assistance and support and the beautiful graphic add to the game's worth. Join Throne Rush and become the Brave Warlord—the Empire will undoubtedly be yours!

Remember, the Throne Rush Team is always available to help you via Wishing you best of luck with your battles!

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Nexters Global LTD
Release date
Oct 18, 2013
Battle Royale


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Gameplay & Streams

hack throne rushHACK Gimeng
Throne Rush #002 Another Wacky BaseRennie Ash
Throne Rush Virovo (59 lvl) vs MrCata (79 lvl) 100% DemolitionMrDeveloper
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