They Are Coming Zombie Defense

They Are Coming Zombie Defense

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Game overview

Survive endless waves of zombies with firearms, melee weapons, and traps in this hardcore roguelike game. Start over when you die. Are you strong enough?

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Welcome to the world of a Roguelike, Endless, Bloody & Hardcore Zombie Game where various zombie hordes keep on arriving in massive numbers. You need to possess not only good gaming skills, but also strong mental fortitude because each game over calls for a fresh start. Join us to be the ultimate survivor!

Experience the thrill of Custom Playground Game Mode, Zombie Shooting, Zombie Defense, Firearms, Melee Weapons, Traps, Ragdoll Physics, Bloody Kills, and Simple Game Mode.

The challenge is fierce, but you can purchase a range of weapons, items, and traps to counter the zombie attacks. How long can you survive?

Choose from an extensive collection of firearms including Rifle, Assault Rifle, Shotgun, Sniper Rifle, Machine Gun and Minigun! Or try your luck with melee weapons such as Baseball Bat, Axe, Hammer, Japanese Sword, Chainsaw, Lightsaber, and more! Set up traps like Roadblock, Spike Barrier, Claymore Mine, and more to keep the zombies at bay!

If you love playing zombie games, as well as bloody shooting and defense games, we have just what you need. Download and play this rogue-like zombie game for free now!
OnHit Developments
Release date
Nov 04, 2020


someonefrom Skich app
pretty fun, Loads of strats and possibilities + zombie. s tier game...

Gameplay & Streams

They Are Coming Zombie Defense Day 1 - Day 70Gamer1707
They are coming DAY 100 gameplay | INTENSE DEFENSEHariomPlays
They Are Coming: Zombie Shooting & Defense - Gameplay Part 1 Levels 1-10 (Android, iOS)Pryszard Android iOS Gameplays
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