The Wonder Stone

The Wonder Stone

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Game overview

Command your Strategy and Heroes to defend against a variety of units while merging the same cards to create powerful high-grade ones in Wonder Stone.

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Experience an innovative side-scrolling defense game, Wonder Stone, where your ability to create unique units is the key to victory. Choose from a variety of Heroes and improve their abilities to battle other opponents in strategic combat. With just a simple tap, you can immerse yourself in a world of fierce battles and become a champion.

Strategy 1: Target Their Weaknesses

Your enemies will come at you with a range of different units such as warriors, archers, flying units, and siege weapons. But there’s no need to fear! Every enemy has a weakness that can be exploited by your Heroes. Take advantage of these weaknesses to crush your foe and claim victory. Remember, the key to winning is knowing both your enemy and yourself.

Strategy 2: Merge or Multiply Your Cards

Take notice of the Hero and Magic cards they hold in your deck. You can merge similar cards to create stronger ones or summon low-grade cards to form a massive army that outnumbers and overwhelms your opponent. Your success depends on how well you use your cards in battle.

Strategy 3: Rule the World of Magic with Powerful Heroes

There are numerous Heroes with unique abilities and spells that inhabit this magical world. Your Heroes and their spells are essential to your success in battle. Combine your Heroes' abilities with their magical spells to create lethal strategies and defeat your foes. Build your army with all the Heroes and spells scattered across the world of Wonder Stone to create an unstoppable force.

Note: The development of Wonder Stone is ongoing. New systems and features will be continually added to keep you entertained. Your feedback and suggestions are always appreciated.
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