The Survivalists

The Survivalists

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Game overview

Survive, explore, and build on a procedurally generated island with friends and tamed monkeys while fighting mythical enemies and raiding labyrinths in The Survivalists.

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Looking for a new adventure full of mysteries and possibilities? Look no further! The island in The Survivalists is teeming with life, and it changes with the day/night cycle as players explore and unveil its secrets. Players will encounter a diverse range of animals and mythical enemies, who can become either food or thorns in their side.

Players can earn quests from a Mysterious Stranger or by finding them washed up along the shore. And with procedurally generated wilderness and diverse biomes, players can expect an adventure that's unique every time they play.

Survival is easier together than alone! Players can overcome the challenges of island living by cooperating with friends. Work together to complete adventures, share loot, trade resources, and—most importantly—survive!

When it comes to dealing with the island's challenges, players have a powerful ally: the tameable monkeys. Whether you need a builder, a lumberjack, or a soldier, the monkeys can be trained to help. Monkey management is key to making progress on the island.

Crafting is vital to survival. From building primitive tools to concocting fruity cocktails, players can unlock new recipes and expand their crafting options to create food, items, and structures. All the while, they must keep their eyes on the horizon and ready themselves for what lies ahead.

Adventurous raiders can seek out epic weapons and loot hidden in labyrinths throughout the island. However, traversing these treacherous paths is not for the faint of heart. Only the most determined and well-prepared survivors will emerge victorious.
Team 17 Digital Limited
Release date
Oct 09, 2020
Single player


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