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The Story of a World

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Create and explore a new world by adding various elements, experience a meditative journey towards finding 18 goals in The Story of a World.

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The Story of a World is a unique and captivating experience that offers a plethora of discovery and unlockable features, all while providing a calming and meditative ambiance. To fully enjoy this app, it's important to be open to relaxing your mind and allowing yourself to delve deep into your own interpretation of the events unfolding before you.

Unlike the vast majority of modern games that aim to satisfy gamers in a particular way, The Story of a World focuses on providing an experience that can be revisited and enjoyed at any time. It's not about unlocking achievements or advancing through levels, but rather about immersing oneself in an interactive world of art.

The Story of a World allows you to customize an empty world to your liking, adding elements such as mountains, water, and lifeforms that can lead to the evolution of an entirely new environment. By experimenting with different creations, you're given the opportunity to explore the diverse ways in which you can build a world and ultimately discover all 18 unique objectives. So, if you have an appreciation for art and crave interactive experiences, The Story of a World is a must-try.
Release date
Sep 12, 2012

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