The Story of a World

The Story of a World

Marten Jonsson

Game overview

The Story of a World is an experience. There are things to discover and to unlock, and the primary point of this app is to create a meditative experience. You will have to be willing to let your mind relax, to think, to create your own understanding of what is happening if you are going to enjoy it. "The Story of a World isn’t a game based on trying to appeal to gamers the way modern developers do. There’s no unlockables, or “levels” per say, instead, The Story of a World is more of an experience that you can choose to keep coming back to whenever you’d like. In the end, The Story of a World isn’t going to be for everyone. If you appreciate art, and are even more excited about interactivity within it, then The Story of a World may be for you" - Indiegamemag The Story of a World is an interactive piece of art. You are presented with an empty world where you choose what happens to it. Depending on what you choose to add to the world, be it mountains, water, lifeforms or other, the world might evolve into something new. Explore the different ways to built the world in order to find the 18 goals.
Marten Jonsson
Release date
Sep 12, 2012

Gameplay & Streams

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