The Secret of Cat Island

The Secret of Cat Island

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Join Nana and Muna on Cat Island! Survive and thrive in this cute family farming game with stunning graphics and unique islands to discover.

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The Secret of Cat Island is an award-winning game, having received the Story Game of the Year and Excellence Award in Story in 2022 on the US Google Play app. This game is a meow-filled adventure that takes place on an island! It is the second cat tale from the developers of My Dear Cat, a relaxing idle game that is sure to entertain.

The game begins with two adorable cats, Nana and Muna, being swept away by a tsunami in the middle of the ocean. They find themselves on an unknown island with nothing but the clothes on their backs. The island is much larger than they expected, and they cannot see any other islands on the horizon. Will they find anyone living on the island? Moreover, will they find food to survive?

Here's where you come in - help Nana and Muna survive a shipwreck on the new Cat Island! Embark on an idle farming adventure with them and uncover new meowsteries on the island. Join The Secret of Cat Island, a family farming game, where you can customize, expand and manage your own farm and town. Decorate your cat family's house with exclusive skins and plant, grow, harvest crops, and cook dishes to feed the cat family.

The graphics in this game are farmtastic and stunning. You have the ability to place and upgrade beautiful buildings such as bonfires, cafes, vegan restaurants, harbors, and more. Trades can be done with harvested crops and other crafted goods at Fufu's Merchant Ship. In addition, there's a casual block puzzle mini-game that can be played to get plenty of energy.

Do you enjoy different themes and types of islands? Discover the secrets and story behind Cat Island by completing quests to explore new islands. Unlock new islands on a regular basis and collect woods, stones, bushes, and other items to craft produce goods. Invite a cute and adorable cat family and raise animals such as sheep to produce milk.

The Secret of Cat Island is recommended for cat lovers and those who enjoy a farm management simulation game. The game has pawsome graphics and purrfect-looking cat characters. Would you like to unfold an unexpected adventure on Cat Island and discover the truth behind the cat kingdom? Start your idle farming journey with the cat family now!

To stay up to date with the game, follow their official channels on Instagram and Facebook. The operational policy and access information of the game can be found on their website. Please note the necessary requirements to play the game and control access to the game. If the app doesn't allow you to agree to each function separately, use the above method to turn permissions off.
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Release date
Feb 23, 2022

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