The Salt Keep

The Salt Keep

Alec Noller
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Game overview

A low-stakes interactive text adventure with RPG mechanics and a character-driven story, set in a fantasy world shaped by oppressive feudalism.

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The Salt Keep is a captivating, fantasy-inspired text adventure game that combines elements of Choose Your Own Adventure and Role-Playing Games. The storyline revolves around Doyle, a determined salesman who, on his journey to make ends meet, finds himself in a perilous situation in the abandoned village of Cardwyke.

The game is set in a world that reflects traditional fantasy settings while providing a twist to its most frustrating tropes. The game aims to portray the essence of medieval times where ordinary people must navigate the alienating and oppressive political structures to survive. Sprawling merchant conglomerates and business structures share power with dukes and knights in a world shaped by creeping feudalism.

Players can guide Doyle through various locations, including the village and the looming keep, while searching for a means for escaping the predicament. As players progress, they acquire items and equip gear to improve Doyle's performance. Percentage-based challenges will make or break Doyle's fate, and his interaction with NPCs affects his progress.

Despite the prevalence of risks and choices, the game features neither dead-ends or death scenarios, and the story always moves forward. The outcome can change based on player choices, including what they fail to do and what they ignore.

Before diving into the complete game, players can test the demo, which includes the prologue and the first chapter. The game's progress during the demo is transferable to the full version.

For updates on the game or future games, players can follow the developer on Twitter or Tumblr. The screenshots used in the game were created through
Alec Noller
Release date
Feb 06, 2023

Gameplay & Streams

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