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Roll through 5 worlds and 120 levels, dodging traps and collecting gems in The Little Ball That Could - the new best Android platform game.

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Meet the new addition to the popular "roll the ball" genre of platform games - The Little Ball That Could (TLBTC). This game was inspired by classic and fun games such as Marble Madness, Super Monkey Ball, Manic Marble, Marble Blast, and Hamster Ball. In this game, your main goal is to reach the end of each level, but it's not as easy as it seems. You should get ready to face challenging obstacles such as spike fields, lasers, portals, and other types of traps and puzzles that can ruin your day.

TLBTC has lots of exciting features that make it stand out from other platform games. It offers 5 worlds and 120 levels, with each level containing a complex maze of paths. Additionally, you will have to perform three tasks in each level. You can test your speed, precision, and problem-solving skills without getting frustrated, thanks to the checkpoint system. Moreover, if you get puzzled and can't overcome the obstacles, you can skip the level.

In TLBTC, you can unlock beautiful marble skins and win challenging ball types that offer different gameplay experiences. It's up to you to decide if you want to take the challenge. The game also offers tight and responsive controls that make platforming action smooth and fun. You can choose to play using touch controls, tilt, or physical controllers.

The game's high-definition 3D graphics provide a console-grade experience. You can also reduce the level of detail if you want to get better performance and battery life. Furthermore, you will enjoy listening to the game's awe-inspiring soundtrack, including nine melody-driven piano tracks and an original music piece created specifically for TLBTC.

Before gaining access to Haven, you must prove your worth by collecting enough hearts to restart the stamping machine. On your journey, you will have to avoid deadly falls, evade dangerous traps, complete mind-bending puzzles, and traverse maze-like levels. The game also offers collectible gems, puzzle pieces, and trapped friends that you can help. Perhaps there's another way to prove your courage in TLBTC?

TLBTC perfectly combines the unique aesthetics of Hamster Ball and Marble Madness, the fast gameplay of Manic Marble and Polyball, and adds to them item collecting from Super Monkey Ball and challenging traps of Marble Blast. This game also offers maze-like levels only possible on modern HD phones and tablets. It's the best roll the ball game you can find on Android phones and tablets.

At Naissus Works, we put a lot of effort into making TLBTC a fair and challenging game. We hope you'll help us make it the best platform game of 2017. Stay updated on the latest news about TLBTC and our other apps on Facebook, Twitter, and our website.
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