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Explore a futuristic world run by robots, and unravel the chaos that ensues from the discovery of the Library of Babel. Navigate danger and mystery as Ludovik in a thought-provoking storyline, featuring hand-drawn environments, stealth mechanics, and inventory management.

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Welcome to the world of The Library of Babel, set 20,000 years after the demise of human existence. The planet is now operated by advanced robotic beings who possess minimal information about their mythical makers. The society operates in an orderly and satisfactory manner until an enormous library containing every possible written record is discovered, triggering a state of chaos. The game, inspired by Jorge Luis Borges' short story, places you in Ludovik's shoes, a Seeker appointed to investigate a murder case in Babylon.

As the investigation unfolds, the state abruptly announces a state of emergency. Now Ludovik is embarking on a perilous journey as he navigates the dangerous surroundings while shrewdly following the killer's trail and reveals the truth behind the sudden lock-down of the library.

The world of The Library of Babel is teeming with abandoned temples, vast jungles, and vivid cybernetic beings to interact with during Ludovik's quest. With thrilling adversities, deadly hazards, and mysterious enemies to outsmart, Ludovik relies on his agility and stealth instead of violence, adding to the excitement of the adventure. The game features a dialogue and inventory management system similar to classic graphic adventure games from the 90s, allowing for an immersive experience.

The game's story, influenced by The Library of Babel and Apocalypse Now, is moody, philosophical, and captivating, delivering a tale that questions the definition of infinity. The game's detailed hand-drawn 2D environments, expertly designed obstacles, and Ludovik's stealth abilities guarantee an excellent gaming experience. Get ready for a thought-provoking challenge and an exciting adventure in The Library of Babel.
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Release date
Aug 09, 2023
Single player

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