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The Last Shop - Craft & Trade

Game overview

Craft, upgrade, design your shop & customize your character in a post-apocalyptic world. Team up, play the market, and battle mutants with recruited Heroes.

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After a severe nuclear blast, humans unleashed on the zombies to put an end to their rampage; that day is known as "Redemption Day." However, not all the zombies have been eradicated, and as a shop owner growing amidst the doomsday city, it's your time to jump into the game! Play your cards right with weapons, equipment, and negotiating techniques, and your store will attract multiple characters, including renowned heroes!

The joy of crafting can become yours!
CREATE: Generate various types of gear, including swords, armor, guns, shields, and a lot more!
LEVEL UP: Master the art of crafting as you produce more valuable items, elevating your skills to the next level!

Develop your own store!
PERSONALIZE: Design your dream shop with wallpaper, carpet, ornaments, or statues! Your unique store will get more customers!
LOOK STYLISH: Give your shopkeeper a distinctive look with dozens of hairstyles, apparel, and features!

Experience the enormous world of multiplayer!
INVITE: Form your guild with friends and family, or affiliate with existing guilds to make your perfect city
TEAMWORK: Collaborate with guildmates to hit rewards that will help in city building!
MARKET PARTICIPATION: Play and accumulate gold bars in the truly global and exciting player-led market!

Hero gathering and loot quest!
CUSTOMIZE YOUR TEAM: Hire Heroes with various skills and equip them with your potent weapons and equipment!
UPGRADE YOUR HERO: Level up your hero and choose from numerous branches to create the best abilities for your hero!
BATTLE TO GET LOOT: Solo or team up with friends to battle hideous mutants and zombies and earn valuable resources for crafting!
Release date
Mar 30, 2023
Single player

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