The Idle Forces: Army Tycoon

The Idle Forces: Army Tycoon

Hot Siberians
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Game overview

Train and command an army of recruits to defend against professional soldiers. Build and customize your military base in this incremental idle army sim.

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Idle Forces: Army Tycoon is not your typical idle city builder game! This game is an army simulator where you have the chance to become an idle army commander and command military units of a powerful state. Are you up for the challenge of executing peacekeeping campaigns, training your recruits and raising them to become military specialists? With your help, your army will bring Freedom, Law and Order to the most remote corners of the planet.

As an army commander, you begin by setting up a military camp and taking control of a military base in a hot spot. Your primary responsibility is to train your operatives, which includes green recruits, who will defend army home base with a gun. From time to time, professional soldiers will attack your military base, and you will need all the help you can get. Your primary focus is on upgrading and customizing your complex military base, with each building having a specific purpose.

Chefs will prepare cookies and lemonade for dessert at the kitchen, and medics will take care of you if you're sick in the infirmary. You will also find a vending machine to get snacks. In the firing range and shooting range, sergeants will choose a training regime suitable for your idle recruits.

In this game, you will have some exciting missions as the best special forces soldier, like transporting forces by car. You will also need to earn money, replenish the bank and invest in military tycoon base development. Remember to monitor your recruits' progress, create a training regimen that suits them, transfer troops between hot spots, and dispatch operatives on dangerous missions.

Additionally, you will receive awards from headquarters, unlock and customize new bases, and ultimately create an army business empire! This game is an adventure capitalist clicker game that is both fun and challenging.

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Hot Siberians
Release date
Jun 23, 2022

Gameplay & Streams

The Idle Forces: Army TycoonHot Siberians
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