GamesThe Hunt for the Lost Treasure

The Hunt for the Lost Treasure

Game overview

Help Uncle Henry track down lost pirate treasure in this classic point and click adventure, featuring custom graphics, original soundtrack, and dozens of puzzles.

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Embark on an extended adventure in The Lost Ship, where you will seek the lost loot of a pirate by diving into this spectacular classic puzzle game. Roam around a pirate's lair, explore an archaic temple, and navigate through the edifices crafted by bygone arboreal settlers, unveiling secret passages, clues and a slew of mind-bending puzzles along the way!

Since your early childhood, your Uncle Henry has been unearthing hidden treasures, spinning legendary accounts of his thrill-seeking experiences that enchanted your imagination. Now, proficient in archeology, he has called upon you from time to time to join him in the hunt for these concealed treasures.

In his latest quest to find his fortune, Henry has used the map that you discovered in a lost vessel to trace out the whereabouts of the pirate's hideout. Your mission is to discover clues, puzzles and items that the pirates have left behind and to unravel the concealed location of the lost treasure.

Features include:
- An exquisite, meticulously crafted, beautiful HD graphical user interface.
- Acoustically pleasing, hauntingly melodious soundtrack, and gripping sound effects designed to keep players captivated.
- A dynamic map that shows current locations and previously visited sites
- A camera that captures photos of symbols and clues that you uncover
- Countless puzzles, items, and clues that will keep you intrigued
- The game saves your progress automatically
- The game is available to play on both phones and tablets!
- An expedited fast-travel feature that lets you move instantly across the map to cut down on traveling time
- Receive textual and video-based hints that gently push you in the right direction

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Release date
Aug 30, 2015

Gameplay & Streams

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