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The Guides: A uniquely challenging puzzle game with hundreds of interactive codes, ciphers, and puzzles, lauded by experts and gamers alike.

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The Guides" has been hailed as one of the "Best Mobile Games of 2015" by CNET and "Best iOS Games of 2015" by Apple 'N' Apps. It is also called the "Best One-Handed Mobile Games for Long Commutes" by Appcessories. This puzzle game is made up of complex codes, interactive ciphers, and various challenges that will test your intelligence, creativity, and wit in an innovative way.

The puzzles are challenging, and you will have to use your problem-solving skills to progress. However, the necessary information needed to move forward has already been provided or is within your reach. Be vigilant, and look for subtle clues and patterns to develop and expand your understanding of the game. The deeper you delve in, the more secrets and mysteries you'll reveal about "The Guides."

This game has a peculiar appeal to it, which is evident from some of the reviews it has received. For instance, James Gilmour from AppSpy mentioned that the game didn't give any instructions, and he had to figure things out for himself, which he found "cool." Jennifer Allen from 148apps found that the game was so addictive that players would not only think about it outside of the game but also keep coming back for more. Owen Faraday from Pocket Tactics called "The Guides" a beautifully designed toy box filled with an enormous variety of puzzles. Lastly, chanandler from App Army for Pocket Gamer reviewed it as one of the best mobile games he has ever played.

The game offers four sections, numerous challenges, and 100 pages to keep you engaged for hours. All puzzles are meticulously designed and unique, with no repetition to bore you. Every section of the game is linked to form a story that you can unravel through completing each puzzle. The game also includes some unique features such as a code interface screen and a title bar, which will provide additional layers of support for your journey.

Moreover, the game includes various decoding tools like morse code, binary, and others to ease your progress. You can also save screenshots of specific clues and notes that can help you later on. However, beware that your transmissions are limited, and you only have a few distress support chances.

In summary, "The Guides" is an addictive and challenging puzzle game that is perfect for those who crave mental stimulation. Check out the official site for more information and reach out to the developers via social media platforms in case of questions and concerns.
Release date
Aug 17, 2015


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