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Choose your fate as you explore the concept of death and the afterlife with your personal Grim Reaper in the interactive novel, "The Grim and I".

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In this game, you will experience a compelling narrative about death and the hardships of letting go. Your ultimate decision determines whether you pass on to the Other Side with Grim Reaper's guidance or remain wandering the world as a lost soul.

Thom Baylay presents "The Grim and I," a unique interactive novel of 155,000 words where your choices govern the story. Immerse yourself in this text-based game, fueled by your imagination, without any visuals or sound effects.

As you come to terms with your untimely demise, Grim Reaper offers you a way to move forward. Will you accept it, or will you hold on to your past life? Begin the most crucial conversation of afterlife and redefine the meaning of Choice. This game reads your choices as much as you read it, where your greatest nemesis is yourself. Overcome your temptations, fight your instincts, and embrace your fears.

Choose to play as male, female or non-binary, and gay, straight or bisexual. Experience the afterlife, witness life continuing, or interfere as it unfolds. Customize your own personal Grim Reaper and befriend him. Choose your ideal life, and then confront the hardest choice of all, letting it all go. Find your true self as you identify and conquer the binding unfinished business to this world.

As chains wrap around your body, will you fight to break free, or surrender to your vices and haunt the world for eternity? Forget what you know about interactive fiction, as Grim Reaper questions your choices and motives, blurring the lines between reality and fiction. Explore the deep concepts of death, loss, and letting go, in the company of your Grim guide. The Grim and I is a compelling game that you don't want to miss.
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Sep 26, 2018
Single player

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