The Great Ace Attorney: Adventures

The Great Ace Attorney: Adventures

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Defend clients and solve cases in The Great Ace Attorney Adventures, featuring Detective, Joint Reasoning, and Jury Battle gameplay.

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●Before purchasing and using, be sure to check the "Compatible Terminals".
●This application features the same scenario as the title previously released on home game consoles.

■【Game Description】■■

◆Here Comes the Great Adventure of Phoenix Wright!!◆

Phoenix Wright, who was an ordinary college student, experiences various "encounters" and "farewells" and grows up to become a legitimate lawyer by standing in court with many defendants.

Alongside the familiar "Detective Part" and "Interrogation" from the Ace Attorney series, there are new elements such as the "Joint Reasoning" to approach the truth of the incident together with the world-famous detective, Sherlock Holmes, and the "Jury battle" to win an acquittal from the jury.

◆Easy to play with tap controls◆

With simple tap controls, anyone can easily enjoy it!! You can also review the testimony and story with the backlog function.

◆Colorful Characters◆

Various colorful characters, including the protagonist "Phoenix Wright (Ryuunosuke Naruhodou)", make an appearance!!
For series fans, ancestral characters of famous characters also make an appearance. The fate with Phoenix Wright all begins here.

◆Detective Part◆

Investigate the crime scene with reliable friends and gather evidence and testimony.
Approach the truth with "Joint Reasoning", even with the inexplicable incidents!!

◆Court Part◆

Use the evidence collected during the Detective Part as a weapon and confront the prosecutor!!
Use "Press" to fully hear witness testimony, and point out evidence where hidden lies and contradictions have surfaced and win your client's innocence!!

◆Compatible with Google Play Games◆
With Google Play Games, you can take advantage of your lifestyle, such as transferring save data played on your smartphone while you're out to your home tablet.

■【Compatible Terminals】■■

For the compatible terminals (models/OS), please check the official site for the application (URL below).

※Although you may be able to purchase the application with terminals that are not compatible, there is a possibility that it may not operate normally. Please note that we cannot guarantee its operation or give refunds when it is used with terminals that are not compatible.

◆Required Specifications◆

2GB RAM or higher
(Intel CPU is not compatible)

◆Data Size for Download◆

※Due to its large size, it is recommended to download it in a Wi-Fi communication environment.

■【Let’s Enjoy More from Capcom!!】■■

Search "capcom" on the App Store!!

Here is the Capcom smartphone portal site!!,android

Here is the Phoenix Wright Portal Site!!

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