The Great Ace Attorney 2: Resolve

The Great Ace Attorney 2: Resolve

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Game overview

Join Ryunosuke Naruhodo and Sherlock Holmes in solving mysteries and defending clients in this adventure-filled game with easy tap controls.

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【Important Notice】Please make sure to check the 【Compatible Devices】before purchasing and using this app. This application has the exact same scenario as the one released on home game consoles in the past.

【Compatible Devices】
●Please check the official website of this app for compatible models, operating systems, and required specifications.

※Even if you use devices that are not compatible, you may be able to purchase this app, but it may not work properly. Please note in advance that we cannot guarantee operation or refunds for use on devices that are not compatible (make/model/OS).

※We recommend downloading via Wi-Fi communication because it requires a large amount of communication.

【If a problem occurs】
●If the app does not start, the following steps may be taken to resolve the issue. Please try:
・Launch the app with all other apps closed.
・Restart the device and then launch the app.
●If the problem is not resolved, please contact the Capcom Customer Service Mobile Content Support.

【Game Introduction】
◆Ryūnosuke Naruhodō's Great Adventure Drama Returns!!◆
Ryūnosuke, who was just an ordinary college student, experiences a fateful "meeting" and "parting" and grows up with his friends to become a full-fledged lawyer. In addition to the familiar "Detective Part" and "Courtroom Part" of the Turnabout series, there is plenty of fun to be had with the "Joint Reasoning" where you approach the truth of the case with the world-famous detective Sherlock Holmes and the "Jury Battle" where you win a not-guilty verdict from the jury. Unravel the mystery of a grandiose case that spans Japan and England!!

◆Easy gameplay with tap controls◆
Simple controls with tapping, anyone can easily enjoy playing!! The backlog function allows you to read back testimony and stories.

◆Supports Google Play Games◆
By using Google Play Games, you can enjoy it by transferring saved data played on a smartphone outside to a tablet at home, depending on your lifestyle.

◆Characters with rich personalities◆
Main character "Naruhodō Ryūnosuke," the great detective Sherlock Holmes, and other characters with rich personalities make a big appearance!!

◆Detective Part◆
Investigate the crime scene and collect evidence and information. Get closer to the truth of an inexplicable case with "Joint Reasoning" with Holmes!!

◆Courtroom Part◆
Confront the prosecutor with the evidence collected in the detective part as a weapon!! Listen to the testimony of the witness in detail with "Shake" and confront the false and contradictory testimony with evidence to win the innocence of your client!! In the "Jury Battle," persuade the six jurors who hold the fate of the trial!!

【Enjoy more Capcom Games!!】
Search for "capcom" on the Google Play Store!!

Click here for Capcom's smartphone portal site!!,android

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