The Golden Rose: Book One

The Golden Rose: Book One

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Join the White Company, hunt artifacts, and uncover dark secrets in this 1.2-million-word interactive fantasy novel. Your choices decide your fate.

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As a new addition to The White Company, a guild of mercenaries known for their notorious work, you have been tasked with the mission of exploring sacred ruins and discovering mythical artifacts that the Church has specifically ordered to keep hidden. What you never realised, however, is that one of your missions would take you down a path deeper than you could have ever imagined.

"The Golden Rose: Book One" by Ana Ventura is a stimulate 1.2-million-word interactive novel that gives you complete control over the direction of the story. Unlike traditional games, it doesn't rely on graphics or sound effects, but rather, encourages you to use your boundless imagination.

You will find yourself juggling new alliances, friendships and romantic encounters, all while being transported to alternate realities in Europe, where history took a different direction.

Here are just a few features that make this game so remarkable:

- Choose to play as a male or female character, with the additional options of being straight, gay or bisexual.
- Create new relationships with the dynamic cast of characters, with the ability to form rivalries or long-lasting friendships.
- Find and retrieve the sacred maps that the thief stole from you.
- Battle against merciless bandits and city guards while trying to avoid being caught by the omnipresent eyes of the Church.
- Revel in the beauty of discovering ancient ruins and cobblestoned streets in the medieval city of Tarragona.
- Interact and develop a special bond with a stubborn, but kind-hearted horse.
- Decide to either team up with the street urchin or the feral captain of the Guard.
- Get to the bottom of the lies that plague this alternate world, and reveal the truth.
- Begin to unravel the secrets of your own enigmatic past.
- Immerse yourself in an intricately crafted game world brimming with rich characters, storylines, and historical context.

It's now in your hands to shape your destiny. Are you ready to begin your epic journey?
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