The Girl in the Window

The Girl in the Window

Dark Dome
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Game overview

Play as Dan, trapped in an abandoned house. Solve puzzles to escape and uncover the mystery of the girl in the window. A Dark Dome classic.

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The inhabitants of Hidden Town are petrified due to peculiar occurrences. The town’s folk are claiming to have seen a young girl peering out from a deserted dwelling. Surprisingly, this house has been vacated for the past two decades.

The Girl in the Window marks the first point-and-click game developed by Dark Dome, initiating the series of mysteries revolving around Hidden Town. Players take on the role of Dan, a curious individual who stumbles into an abandoned abode and is instantly locked in. He needs to unravel enigmas, solve puzzles, decode secret messages, and scour drawers to make his escape from the room.

As you progress, you will come across two of the most endearing characters from the Hidden Town universe: Dan and Mia. The Dark Dome games don't need to be played sequentially, and with each episode, new developments and clues are revealed to solve the town's many peculiarities.

This exclusive game is packed with an array of challenging puzzles, odd attractions, and lively characters. You will need to examine every detail of your surroundings to solve the puzzling mysteries puzzling the town.

Full of mystery and suspense, you'll definitely savor the interesting storyline and the eventual twist ending. The art style is dark and bold, taking you on a haunting and breathtaking escapade. Don't fret if you ever find yourself stuck, as a comprehensive hint system will keep you moving through this interactive game.

But if you opt to try out the Premium Version, you will get access to an uncommon side story, amplify your challenges with extra riddles and puzzles, and banish all ads. It gets even better since you will be able to access all hints directly without viewing ads.

Be one with the game and explore every object in the room by tapping on them. Combine various inventory items to create new items that will prove useful in making progress with the story. Challenge your thought processes to overcome difficult brain teasers.

Submerge yourself in the enigmatic stories of the Dark Dome escape games and discover all the town's secrets. Hidden Town is abundant with many more unsolved puzzles and mysterious cloud hanging over it.

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Dark Dome
Release date
Nov 30, 2019
Single player

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