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SukeraSparo" presents "Kotonoha Amrilato", a pure yuri adventure game about two girls learning to communicate in an Esperanto-based language. Free with in-app purchases.

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SukeraSparo, a niche brand of yuri games, made an exceptional debut with "Kotonoha Amrilato," the pure yuri ADV where two girls struggle to communicate while learning a new language. The story is set in the world of "Juliamo," a language created from Esperanto supervised by the Japanese Esperanto Association. It follows the tale of high school girl Rin and a beautiful girl from a different world, Luka. It's not just a great adventure game but also a perfect entry point for those who are interested in learning Esperanto through a fun quiz format. You can play the first half of the story free of charge, and purchasing the scenario unlock key allows you to finish the story to the end.

This is a definitive pure yuri ADV game that features voice acting. It requires approximately 530 MB of storage space. You can unlock all the story scenarios with a price of 2,852 yen (tax included), and there are no other additional fees.

The story starts with high school girl, Rin, who becomes shocked at how the atmosphere of the local shopping street suddenly changes after finishing some snacks. The familiar place that she thought she knew turns into a space where she can't read the signboards or understand the conversations of the people around her. Rin becomes lost and starts to feel hopeless when a cute girl, Luka, who looks like an idol, comes to her rescue. The two girls, Rin who claims to have a positive attitude, and Luka, who can only speak broken Japanese, start to communicate and weave an aggravating yet pure yuri tale. The content has been modified to be suitable for all ages, so it's a perfect adventure game for everyone to play.

Copyright: (C) SukeraSparo
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