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Solve mysterious operators and calculate the number of the beast to vanquish a sadistic calculator demons in this innovative and intriguing indie game.

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The Devil's Calculator, a thrilling and unconventional game developed by the creators of Synonymy, will put your math skills to the test. Instead of the usual arithmetic functions we all know and love, this game replaces them with obscure, twisted operations. Your goal is to untangle and decipher these functions through a combination of algebra and logic to free the calculator of its demons.

What makes this game stand out is not only its highly original concept but also its accessibility. Whether you're a math whiz or a novice, you'll be immersed in the challenging and addictive gameplay. The first 20+ levels are entirely free to play, so you can enjoy the game without breaking the bank.

Each level is designed to make you unravel the enigma behind a mysterious operator and apply the function to calculate the number of the beast to progress. The game's advanced graphing mechanics and myriad features make it even more enriching, while the level designs are both simple and innovative. Players can even create their own levels and try out custom challenges from other players, including levels created by the game's team of educators, mathematicians, and creators.

The Devil's Calculator is a fun and rewarding experience thanks to its charming hand-drawn artwork and compelling storyline. This game is just one of the many projects of the Cinq-Mars Media nonprofit organization, which aims to develop and offer technological solutions that promote human safety and education while also contributing to scientific research.

Are you up for the challenge? Step into the dark and twisted world of The Devil's Calculator and put your math skills to the test!
Release date
Jan 11, 2019
Single player

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