The Darkest Woods 2

The Darkest Woods 2

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Wake up in an old psychiatric hospital ward, investigate, uncover horrifying experiments, discover secrets, and face multiple endings in the second part of legendary horror game, The Darkest Woods.

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In this spine-chilling game, you find yourself awakening in a desolate and abandoned psychiatric hospital ward, with no clue as to how you got there or what is happening around you. You hear eerie and unnerving voices that seem to be coming from various places and it sends shivers down your spine.

Welcome to The Darkest Woods Part 2 - a legendary horror game inspired by the old flash games. The first part of the game is available for free and even if you have not played it, you are bound to get hooked on this hair-raising adventure. This game has won over many players from around the world and now itโ€™s your turn to experience it.

This thrill ride awaits you with an engrossing investigation, horrifying experiments, secrets lurking in the darkness, a shocking truth and multiple endings. Brace yourself for a journey that will test your limits, push you to your limits and keep you on the edge of your seat at all times.

Be aware - playing this game may cause nightmares, heart strokes and panic attacks. We ask that you proceed with caution. In the event of any issues or inquiries, please contact us at Visit for further information regarding The Darkest Woods.
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