The Curse of Kudan

The Curse of Kudan

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Game overview

Date your teacher and uncover folklore urban legends to protect her from Kudan in SukeraSparo's sequel to "Kotonoha Amrilato.

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SukeraSparo, a yuri game brand responsible for creating "Kotonoha Amrilato", presents their second romantic adventure game. The protagonist is a cheerful female student named Kudan Sakuya, who attends Kudan Girls High School. After a fateful encounter with Tako Shimamura, a cooking class instructor, the two become close. However, everything changes when Tako sees a "Kudan" which predicts disaster, disrupting their peaceful daily life.

To protect Tako from the approaching Kudan, Sakuya, along with the president of the Occult Research Club, Kotou Harukatsumi, embark on a journey to uncover the truth behind urban legends.

This game is an adventure game, classified as a yuri folkloric adventure. The story was written by Shimizu Hatsumi, with illustrations by Hane Koto, featuring voice acting. It requires approximately 580 MB of free storage.

The game is priced at 2820 yen (tax included) with no additional in-game purchases.

The game delves into the urban legends surrounding the "Kudan." According to rumors, the Kudan is a folklore creature resembling a woman wearing Western mourning clothes. The Kudan lacks a right wrist and hides her face behind a black veil. Apparently, those who see the Kudan receive a "disaster prophecy" approaching seven days later.

Sixteen-year-old Sakuya meets Tako, a cooking class instructor. They gradually develop feelings for each other, but their peaceful days are shattered when Tako sees the Kudan and receives a disaster prophecy. The approaching Kudan causes Sakuya to take action and search for ways to protect her. She discovers a Folklore Research Club at her school, Kudan Girls High School. To protect her loved one, Sakuya, with the help of Harukatsumi and the Occult Research Club, delves into the mysteries of unknown folklore.

Please note that the content has been adjusted to be suitable for all ages and differs from the original work. Copyright (C) SukeraSparo.
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Single player

Gameplay & Streams

The Curse Of Kudan - Touko Route - Full Playthrough [No Commentary]FluffyButtKitten
The Curse Of Kudan - True Route - Full Playthrough [No Commentary]FluffyButtKitten
The Curse Of Kudan - Koto Route - Full Playthrough [No Commentary]FluffyButtKitten
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