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The Company Man is an action platformer that spoofs office life, where you fight crazy coworkers and evil bosses to become CEO.

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Step into the shoes of Jim, an ordinary salaryman in this classic action platformer, The Company Man. Fight against your crazy colleagues using a keyboard as your weapon and bombard your evil bosses with tons of emails to move up to the top. The game tests your platforming skills, as you jump and dash through seven corporate departments that are packed with traps, quirky coworkers, and tough bosses.

Immerse yourself in beautifully crafted environments that are uniquely hand-painted, ranging from ice-cold floors in the Accounting department to mountainous piles of paperwork in the Human Resource department. Relatable working life issues are presented with wit, presented through hilarious jokes and puns that will leave you laughing out loud.

Pull yourself up by the bootstraps as you move up in your career by upgrading your weapon. Earn coins by beating each of the departments and use them to unlock upgrades that range from backhanded comments to a deluge of spam emails that can cause widespread chaos.

Revitalize yourself with a relaxing coffee break and get your caffeine fix, as coffee is an integral part of any workplace. Visit the Coffee Shop and purchase a variety of health and stamina boosting coffee beans. Spend your hard-earned coins on these beans, which are designed to help you energize and buff up.

Discover secret gauntlet dungeons and challenge your skills by fighting waves of coworkers in this uber-cool feature. These dungeons are not easy to find, so keep your eyes peeled for these hidden areas.

With difficulty levels ranging from Normal to Impossible (which unlocks after beating the game), The Company Man offers something for everyone: whether you're a newbie or an expert, this game is sure to keep you engaged for hours on end.
Release date
Nov 02, 2023
Single player

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