The Chicken Family

The Chicken Family

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Guide a courageous hen to rescue her chicks in this colorful 3D puzzle platformer, collecting gems and avoiding obstacles.

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Get ready to join a plucky and determined hen on an exciting adventure full of challenges and puzzles, as she sets out to rescue her chicks from perilous cages. Sharpen your problem-solving skills and intelligence to navigate through an array of levels brimming with obstacles, traps, bridges, and a lot more. Along the way, you can amass gems, coins, and cookies to unlock more diverse levels, worlds, and customization options, making your gaming experience even more enthralling. However, keep looking out for falling barrels, sharp obstacles, and perilous platforms on your way to help the hen guide her chicks safely back to the coop. With bursting cartoon-style graphics, lively designs, and fast-paced gameplay, this low-poly 3D platformer puzzle game promises to keep you absorbed for hours. Collect your courage, grab your key and embark on this valiant quest with the hen, save her chicks, and become the ultimate hero in this delightful gaming experience.

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- Lowpoly Hat Pack, Creator: Augustin.Val, License: CC-Attribution 4.0 International (
- Soundtrack: Just Ducky, Creator: Audio Hero, License: ZapSplat Standard License (
Release date
Mar 30, 2023

Gameplay & Streams

Linguish ESL Games // Chicken family // LT320Linguish: Language School for Kids and Adults
Popeye's favourite food is... Chicken? | Family Feud CanadaFamily Feud Canada
Family Guy: Video Game [P22] [Unsubmissive Chicken] [Final] NoCommentary Walkthrough GameplayGREAT GAMES ARCHIVE
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