The Cave

Game overview

Assemble a team and explore a sentient cave filled with exotic locations and puzzles. Choose from seven explorers each with their own unique personalities and talents.

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Embark on an enigmatic journey into the depths of The Cave, a gripping adventure game crafted by Ron Gilbert, the mastermind behind the renowned Monkey Island series, and Double Fine Productions.

Team up with a group of eccentric explorers, each with their own distinct personality and captivating backstory. Descend into the core of a sentient cave to pursue what is most significant to each tribe member. With an extensive history, The Cave amazes its visitors with a plethora of convoluted puzzles concealed within exotic locations such as a subterranean theme park, medieval castle, and heavily armed nuclear research facility. Get ready to explore The Cave in its entirety.

Select a trio of adventurers from the available seven, including the Time Traveler and Hillbilly, each possessing a unique flair, talents, and a mysterious reason for entering The Cave.

Relish the inimitable humor and detailed, breathtaking art style, an outcome of the prodigious pedigree of Ron Gilbert and Double Fine.

Switch effortlessly between the chosen characters and combine their expertise to unravel the intricately crafted puzzles lurking within the depths of The Cave. Every solution brings you a step closer to unraveling the secrets behind each character's drive.

Note: The game runs smoothly on dual-core CPU machines with around 1GB of RAM and 1.5GB of free storage. Devices produced in 2012 or later are recommended to achieve optimal performance.
Double Fine Productions
Release date
Dec 19, 2013
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

The Cave Gameplay #1 - Let's Play The Cave GermanGameTube
The Cave - Full Game (No Commentary)Encrypted Duck
The Cave - Gameplay Walkthrough - Episode 1PauseUnpause
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