The Ants: Underground Kingdom

The Ants: Underground Kingdom

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Game overview

Become the leader of an ant colony, build and defend your colony, expand your army and join alliances in The Ants: Underground Kingdom.

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In the natural world, wars frequently occur as a means of survival and prosperity. As the leader of an ant colony, you will utilize your intelligence to construct an "Ant Fort". By leading the queen ant and building up the Ant Fort, you will resist external threats by showing your strategic wit and utilizing all your knowledge.

Game Features

"Building the Ant Fort"

The Ant Fort is suitable to be called a "castle" since it provides a safe growth environment for eggs and descendants. The Ant Fort is the cornerstone for building an ant kingdom. Scientifically dig tunnels and set up corridors to create the ideal Ant Fort!

"Expanding the Ant Clan"

The number of ants determines the prosperity of the Ant Clan. To develop and prosper the Ant Clan, it is essential to increase the number of ants as much as possible. Resist external threats with the newly generated Ant Clan, compete for resources, and expand your power even further!

"Mutation Ants"

In order to seize resources and expand your power, you need to organize a powerful ant army. The army must be led by specialized ants hatched from mutation eggs, not just higher-tier soldier ants. A various population of ants with special abilities are born depending on the environment of the hatching area. The combination of soldier ants and specialized ants will crush your enemies with your Ant Clan!

"Forming Alliances"

When the situation becomes challenging for solo play, selecting people with similar values is a shortcut to success. By forming or participating in alliances, it is possible to grow and subdue enemies together with the comrades. With the cooperation of the alliance, your Ant Clan can stand at the top of this world!

If there are any issues, you can contact us using the following channels. We will respond as soon as possible!

Official LINE: @theantsjp (Please include "@" when searching.)

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The Ants: Underground Kingdom is a basic, free-to-play strategy simulation game, however, some items are available for purchase in the game. To play The Ants: Underground Kingdom, you must be 3 years or older and possess accessible network devices, in accordance with item and user privacy policies.
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