GamesThe Ants: Reborn

Game overview

Lead ant tribes to fight Deathroot Tribe, rebuild Anthill, recruit heroes, form alliances, and explore the continent in Ant Kingdom.

The Ant Kingdom is under attack by the Deathroot Tribe, leaving our ant inhabitants to flee from their homes and find refuge in secret shelters across the continent. Despite the dire circumstances, hope still lingers within the Ant Kingdom as the princess and many Heroes band together to fight for the revival of their kingdom. As a Lord on the continent, you have the opportunity to contribute your strength and aid in the Ant Kingdom's plight. Embark on a journey to build your Anthill and explore the treacherous underground world for the sake of survival. The Anthill will serve as your base and the center of your operations as you work to restore the glory of the Ant Kingdom. The construction of your Anthill necessitates labor and an army of mighty troops for battles, which Heroes can lead. These Heroes specialize in various skills to increase the efficiency of your worker ants and lead your soldier ants to victory, and it is imperative to upgrade and arrange them in a strategic manner for swift Anthill development. Once your Anthill reaches stability, it's time to venture outside for more resources to expand your power. However, you must take caution in the face of the dangerous Deathroot Tribe and lead your ant troops into battle to gain control over their territory. Useful allies are also essential to surviving in this perilous continent, so form alliances with fellow Lords to aid one another in growing stronger and resisting the Deathroot Tribe's onslaught. The Ant Kingdom is counting on you, Lord, to be their last hope for revival. Are you ready to lead your ants to reclaim their home and glory? Join the fight on the official FaceBook Fan Page or participate in the community on the official Discord Server. Your privacy is important; please read about it on the Privacy Policy on the website.
Release date
Sep 17, 2023
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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The Ants: Reborn - "Have I Seen This Before?"GameHopping
The Ants: Reborn Gameplay AndroidAndroid IOS Cabogame


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