The Alliance Alive HD Remastered

The Alliance Alive HD Remastered

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Fantasy RPG 'Alliance Alive HD Remastered' now on Android - control 9 heroes with different backgrounds and abilities, explore vast world, and battle in command-style fights.

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Furyu's original fantasy RPG can now be enjoyed easily with high quality graphics! The Alliance Alive HD Remastered is now available for Android!

By controlling the nine main characters with different races, gender, age, and positions such as humans and demons, the story proceeds as their viewpoints gradually intersect and converge into one tale.

In the vast world map, users can freely move characters around and as the scenarios progress, they can acquire various modes of transportation such as an ark and manually-operated flying machine called the Ornithopter. As the world opens up to full exploration, users can enjoy the "player's story", where they can choose which character's unique story to play through. All characters can equip any weapon and can be trained according to their individual capabilities. Battles are conducted with a command mode up to five people and users can utilize various formations for their individual battle strategy.

The RPG Alliance Alive's distinctive features include 70,000 copies sold worldwide, outstandingly high quality graphics, the ability to play offline, turn-based command mode battles, and a wide variety of equipment and guild systems.

This game is recommended for users who are looking for high quality RPG games on their apps, want to play the popular paid version of the ported game, want to play RPG games offline, would like to play RPG games with exciting battles, were lovers of RPG games since childhood, or would like to play offline and carefully immerse themselves in the RPG world.

Thousands of years ago, the world inhabited by humans was invaded by the "demons". The demons came to control and dominate the world to manage the "disordered energy" that threatened their world. They imposed the "Great Barrier" on the ground of this world, severely disrupting the earth's magnetic field, causing an uproar in climate and causing the world to lose its blue color. As a result of this "distortion," a sea current called the "Black Stream" was born, tearing apart the ocean in all directions and swallowing many cities. Eventually, and despite heroic efforts by humans who refused to accept their control, the majority of people died and the survivors were forced to accept demon rule. For hundreds of years since then, the world has been divided into several "zones" with separate governing bodies, and a new class system was formed around the demons, forming unique cultures. However, the fire of resistance in humans against their oppressors never died, no matter how long time passed.

Please take note of the following before you purchase or use this app: the operating system requires Android 9.0 or higher (excluding certain devices), has at least 4GB of RAM, and requires more than 5GB of storage space. We do not recommend using this app on devices with Intel Atom processors as unstable operation may occur. Recommended specifications include the SoC Snapdragon 700 or higher. The app contains a quick save feature, so please save frequently to avoid any unforeseen circumstances. Running multiple apps at once may cause unstable operation, so we recommend closing other apps before playing. Please be aware that refunds or exchanges for this product due to customer preference or use cases cannot be accepted. © FURYU Corporation.
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