That Which Binds Us

That Which Binds Us

Crystal Game Works
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Game overview

Leave behind a toxic relationship or not? Join Evalise on her journey in a 5-hour visual novel with a memory bond twist.

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Meet Evalise, a young woman who is in a tumultuous relationship with her wild and frequently caught boyfriend. Desperate to break free, she heads over to a bail bonds establishment run by Idris. However, while negotiating the bond, Idris proposes an unusual offer to her- a memory bond. With his knife, Idris can cut off all ties between Evalise and her partner, permanently erasing any memory of him from her mind, allowing her to move on from the unhealthy relationship.

That Which Binds Us is a captivating josei otome visual novel that follows Evalise's story. The game has a runtime of more than five hours and offers a new game+ mode that allows players to explore an alternate storyline. The choices made later in the game determine the direction of the dialogue and ultimately concludes the story.

The full game includes:
- 6 to 8 hours of exciting gameplay
- A new game+ mode with multiple branching paths, new endings, and love interest's perspective
- Music, CG, and
Crystal Game Works
Release date
Jan 25, 2019
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

That Which Binds UsNatalie Kay
That Which Binds Us - Otome Gameplay PreviewArimiaDev
🌹 That Which Binds Us - 01: A magical knife?Aromie ♡
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