That Dragon, Cancer

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A poetic interactive memoir that commemorates a 4-year cancer fight of Joel Green. Explore themes of faith, hope, and love.

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Get ready to experience the story of Joel Green, who fought a long battle against cancer, through a two-hour emotional journey filled with artwork, poetry, and poignant interaction. This unique masterpiece of a videogame is a tribute from a loving dad to his late son, Joel Green. It's a moving experience that aims to help players understand the pain and heartbreak of Joel's battle with cancer. In addition, it is also a tribute to the loved ones of the more than 200 Kickstarter supporters who helped finance the game's development.

The game is focused on themes of love, faith, and hope. You'll start at a beautiful location and soon embark upon a memorable walk through the path where Joel walked, accompanied by his family. Joel's mother and father will show you around and share stories with you, making you feel as though you are walking with them.

The game's narrative features both first and third-person perspectives and intuitive, easy-to-use point-and-click interaction. It invites every player to take their time to explore the beautiful surroundings. Immersion is key!
Be ready to have your heartstrings tugged as you venture through this deeply personal journey that explores themes of love, faith, and hope.

If you're a fan of emotionally engaging games, you won't regret taking a chance on That Dragon, Cancer. Once the game takes hold of you, it will not let go. This game has garnered attention from platforms such as NY Times, NPR, Wired Magazine, Radiolab, Reply All Podcast, The New Yorker, and The Guardian. Polygon hails it as life-changing, while Forbes describes it as the epitome of storytelling in a videogame. The Telegraph refers to it as a remarkable piece of work that challenges preconceptions about grief, hope, and faith. Come and experience it for yourself!
Numinous Games
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Single player

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That Dragon, CancerMarkiplier
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