Tesla vs. Lovecraft

Game overview

As Nicola Tesla, destroy Lovecraftian monsters with hi-tech weaponry in an epic showdown. Unlock new weapons and abilities with a one-time in-app purchase.

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Experience the brilliance of the legendary inventor Nikola Tesla by stepping into his shoes and gear up for an intense, action-packed adventure! In this game, unleash a barrage of lethal weapons to wipe out a horde of monstrous creatures that are out to get you. Equip yourself with powerful powerups to augment the carnage and decimate your foes with the unstoppable Tesla-Mech battle robot's immense firepower!

However, the imminent unveiling of Tesla's greatest invention is threatened when the laboratory gets engulfed in flames courtesy of the cruel and evil minions of H.P. Lovecraft. Get ready for an epic clash of titans as you take on Lovecraft's minions and stop them from destroying Tesla's invention. Fight off the unspeakable horrors of Lovecraftian monsters using science and hi-tech weaponry and emerge victorious!

Quantum Teleport is a revolutionary feature that enables you to instantly dart out of danger's way and even travel through solid objects like a pro!
- Take down the most unfathomably grotesque and awful abominations with ease by unleashing the Tesla-Mech. As monstrous creatures approach, activate it to tear them apart.
- Wield a vast array of sci-fi gadgets, such as shotguns, energy weapons, and the awe-inspiring X-Ray Blade to unleash a barrage of attacks on your foes.
- Experience the thrill of the story mode and compete against other players for the top spot in the survival mode leaderboards!

Priceless new features, including weapons, perks, abilities, inventions, monsters, and more, are unlocked with the For Science! expansion, which can be unlocked through a one-time in-app purchase. However, the game is fully playable without additional purchases as well.
10tons Ltd
Release date
May 02, 2019
Single player
Split screen

Gameplay & Streams

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