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Explore the universe, use NASA science and bring life to desolate worlds in this planet crafter simulator. Conquer challenges, terraform planets, and protect your civilization from space threats.

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Embark on the adventure of your lifetime by exploring the vast universe and breathing life into barren planets with this awe-inspiring planet simulator! The universe is a vast and ever-evolving space, and you get to be a part of transforming it by developing new civilizations and repopulating planets. With NASA technology, you can terraform planets, create diverse environments, and build cities that thrive with life.

Expand your horizons and create new worlds outside our solar system using a planet crafter strategy. TerraGenesis delivers a universe of infinite potential, and it's up to you to bring these worlds to life. There are countless possibilities for exploration, and you can discover galaxies and planets beyond anything your imagination can fathom. You'll encounter new and thrilling challenges while building new civilizations, fortifying your defenses and protecting your planets from potential threats.

Live life beyond our planet, and bring life to new worlds using NASA science and technology. This planet builder simulator is the ultimate space terraforming experience, and it'll transport you to new, exciting worlds. Manage resources, track your civilization's progress, and conquer the challenges that come with building a new world with ease thanks to the Stats Summary Page.

Discover alien species, make peace, or conquer them in this intergalactic planet crafter. With limitless opportunities, you can go above and beyond humanity's current understanding of the universe. Protect your civilization and planet from impending doom by creating a defense network that can detect and address the potential threats.

Completing planet builder missions will allow you to explore countless galaxies and planets while having fun using the space simulator. Lastly, you never have to worry about losing your progress as TerraGenesis saves all progress, and as an indie game, all in-app purchases are optional and not necessary for an exceptional gaming experience. Connect with TerraGenesis on Facebook and Twitter and discover endless possibilities beyond planet Earth.
Tilting Point
Release date
Apr 03, 2018

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