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Lead your corporation to terraform Mars by constructing cities, creating oceans and forests while competing against rival corporations. Play solo or up to 5 players.

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Explore the Red Planet in Terraforming Mars, the challenging board game adaptation that lets you lead a cutting-edge corporation in the quest to transform Mars into a thriving and hospitable planet for future generations. With a rich set of features, you can direct massive construction projects, manage your resources, plant forests, create oceans and build cities, all while setting objectives to win the game. Place your cards on the board, use them wisely and achieve a high Terraform Rating by increasing the temperature and oxygen levels, or creating oceans to make Mars habitable.

Mars for all: Play Terraforming Mars against the computer or test your strategic abilities against up to five other players in multiplayer mode, online or offline. With the addition of new cards and two new corporations focused on the economy and technology, you can try the complex Corporate Era rules to discover one of the most strategic variants of the game. You can also challenge yourself with the Solo mode, designed to finish terraforming Mars before the end of generation 14, and test new rules and features.

If you're looking to speed up your game, the Prelude expansion adds a new phase at the start of the game, allowing you to specialize your corporation and boost your early game with new cards, corporations and a new solo challenge. You can also explore new sides of Mars with the Hellas and Elysium expansion maps, each bringing a new set of twists, awards and milestones. From the Southern Wilds to the Other Face of Mars, the taming of the Red Planet continues in Terraforming Mars.

Available in French, English, German, Spanish, Italian and Swedish, Terraforming Mars is the perfect board game adaptation for gamers of all levels. Keep up-to-date with the latest news by following TwinSailsInt on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Join the terraforming race today and lead humanity into a new era!
Release date
Dec 04, 2019
Single player


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