Tenkaichi: Sengoku Lovers

Tenkaichi: Sengoku Lovers

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Game overview

A free-to-play romantic game set in feudal Japan where the player chooses from a selection of handsome warlords and seeks revenge against a conquering usurper.

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Emic presents a grand romance game! A timeless classic that has become a console game has arrived! Enjoy a love affair with handsome military commanders for free to download and free to play.

The time is the Sengoku period. To take the most beautiful princess in the land, Oda Nobunaga destroyed her kingdom. The princess escaped and seduced military commanders with her charm to fight against Nobunaga and take over the country to seek her revenge.

The targets of her seduction are all handsome military commanders of the Sengoku period, such as Date Masamune, Uesugi Kenshin, Takeda Shingen, Sanada Yukimura, Katakura Kojuuro, and Naoe Kanetsugu!

In the midst of the battle for domination, what will be the fate of the true love that blossoms between the princess and the warlords?

[The Handsome Warlords You Will Seduce]
- Takeda Shingen: The strongest Sengoku commander who is closest to conquering the land. Famous for making women cry, it is said that dating him is an exhilarating experience.
- Sanada Yukimura: Known for being unrivaled in the land and feared as the god of war. He has little experience in love, but after meeting the princess, he is ready to devote his life to her.
- Date Masamune: A genius who stands out in the fight for the land. He seeks stimulation in his love life and will stop at nothing to win the princess's heart.
- Katakura Kojuuro: Elegant in his behavior during battles and politics. He doesn't act on his desires in love and seeks emotional connection.
- Uesugi Kenshin: Possessing a genius brain but avoiding hurting others. His soft-spoken manner has captured countless women's hearts.
- Naoe Kanetsugu: He is known for his intelligence and is famous as a new generation of military commander. He had no interest in love until he meets the princess and fell in love.

[Who Will Enjoy This Game?]
- Women who enjoy dramatic romance games and otome games.
- People who are interested in historical settings like the Sengoku period.
- Fans of historical dramas.
- Enthusiasts of love dramas and apps.
- People who love the harem setup where they are surrounded by handsome men who compete for their affection.
- People who love to dress their character up in adorable avatars.
- Players who enjoy having their handsome avatar standing next to them.
- Those who want to enjoy the game for free by downloading and playing it for free.

[How to Play]
- Read 5 episodes of the story for free every day.
- Play the gacha once a day for free and get an avatar.
- Change your clothes to the cute avatar and complete your missions!
- Read the romantic story between you and the handsome warlords, answer the choices, and increase your fondness.
- Aim for the "Paradise Ending" where a super sweet story unfolds with beautiful still images!
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