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Join the war of Heaven, Mortal, and Hell to become the Only King in the addictive Idle RPG battle of Immortal Gods Arena. Recruit 100+ heroes, summon immortal gods, and build your own squad in this epic 5v5 PvP game.

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In a time of chaos, the kings of Heaven, Mortal, and Hell become consumed with greed, each vying for the ultimate throne of dominance. The result: an endless war.

Now, you too can join the fray! Experience an unprecedented AFK 5v5 PvP game that’s captivating and addictive. Collect gems, diamonds, and lethal weapons as you summon immortal gods to build your squad.

Do you have what it takes to be the One and Only King? Explore the fascinating world of Idle RPG Battle of Immortal Gods Arena to find out.

Think you have what it takes to be a legendary hero? Recruit from among your choice of 100+ heroes -- some hailing from Heaven, Mortal, and Hell. Gear your heroes up with powerful equipment, upgrade their abilities, and work toward ascension.

If you need a break from the action, you’re covered -- use the AFK feature to idle with your most powerful heroes and earn resources, as well as lethal weapons.

Don't miss out on our daily, weekly, and monthly rewards! Log in regularly and get rewarded with resources and AFK rewards. The more you fight on the arena, the more rewards you earn, so you can enjoy the luxury of our Idle RPG game.

In the BOSS RAID mode, explore brand new combat mechanisms, face- off against the ultimate boss and stomp out the mighty Bloody Dragon, Phoenix, Deadly Spider, and many more with your own customized team to win valuable items.

Build up your defensive strategy with the TOWER DEFENSE mode and gather legendary heroes to protect your tower. Beat all opponents trying to attack your kingdom and defend your tower from invasion.

Are you ready to dive deep into the Story Mode? Experience an epic war of gods, humans, and demons in your quest to become the Only King of the 3 Realms: Heaven, Mortal, and Hell. Summon immortal gods with ultimate skills to fight epic battles with terrifying enemies in the arena.

In the SIDE QUEST mode, join Forbidden Land to level up and collect resources. Head over to Monstrous Gate to collect treasures to get lethal weapons, or the Demon Tower to collect diamonds. Collect tickets and chaos tone in some special events and try your luck!

If PVP is your style, challenge the top players ranking by attacking them in 5v5 battle at Champion League Arena and collect rewards at the end of each PvP season of our Idle RPG game.

Featuring a dynamic formation with ten positions in the battle, our EPIC IDLE RPG WAR also allows the use of knowledge of the five elements of forces to strategically create a formation of your legendary heroes by combining their elements according to your opponent’s formation.
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