Tanks Charge: Online PvP Arena

Tanks Charge: Online PvP Arena

HeroCraft Ltd.
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Game overview

Assemble a platoon of 45+ tanks and battle with players worldwide in Tanks Charge's real-time PvP. Upgrade tanks, enjoy unique abilities, and complete campaigns.

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Take command of your own tank squad in Tanks Charge: Online PvP Arena, a thrilling multiplayer tank war game in real-time featuring 45+ authentic tanks to choose from.

Build a squad of unique tanks

Select historically accurate tanks from different countries, each with a specific class: light, medium or heavy. Upgrade your tanks’ unique abilities and adopt special strategies to gain an edge in battle. For instance, the German Leopard tank can slow down your enemy’s recharge rate. Assemble a squad of combat vehicles comprising up to 5 tanks, tailored to fit your preferred playstyle.

Destroy enemy commanders in fast-paced battles

Create and test your own tactical plans, and prove your mettle as a commander by engaging players from around the globe in PvP mode. You'll be able to partake in quick battles that last only a few minutes, while still giving you the opportunity to apply a tactical approach and emerge victorious.

Display your tactical skills in combat

With several ways to defeat your opponents, it’s up to you to outsmart your foes using diversionary tactics to take over strategic points, exploit vulnerabilities within enemy squads, or confront them head-on and control every action of your machines. You can also call in artillery to turn the tide of the battle and use other stimulating features at your disposal.

Progress your tanks and crews

By participating in battles and obtaining unique blueprints, you'll be able to develop special skills for your tanks. Additionally, while you are not controlling them, you can choose how they engage in battle. You can collect and customize a team of armored tanks equipped with unique features!

Multiple plot campaigns

Experience additional modes featuring intriguing and distinctive quests, such as escort missions or defending critical strategic points, in addition to PvP mode.
HeroCraft Ltd.
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