Tank Battle: Pacific

Tank Battle: Pacific

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Experience tank battles across World War Two's Pacific Theatre, including campaigns between Japan, France, China, Russia, Britain and the USA, with numerous unique features.

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If you think tank battles during World War II only happened in the Western Theatre, Tank Battle: Pacific is here to change your perspective. From China, where the Japanese collided with Russian T26's and German Panzer I's, to the titanic struggle between the Japanese and the United States of America, this game takes you on a virtual tour of the Pacific Theatre of World War II.

Even the Island War battles are not left out of the action, featuring engagements with over 30 Japanese tanks in a single mass assault. The game offers a mixture of historical battles and themed scenarios that put you in the shoes of a tank commander.

You get to fight as Japan, France, China, Russia, British Commonwealth, and the United States of America, engaging the enemy in Northern Manchuria, Burma, the Pacific Islands, and even in a what-if scenario for Operation Olympic, the invasion of the Japanese mainland.

The game features high-definition graphics, with over 123 unique units, including specialist units like the Landing Craft Tank (LV'Ts), Landing Craft Personnel (LVCP's), Engineers, and the ubiquitous Landing Vehicle Tracked (LVT). Other special features include Japanese bunkers and fortifications, Infiltration units, and Nikuhaku anti-tank suicide units.

If you're a fan of strategy games, Tank Battle: Pacific offers plenty of features to keep you entertained. The game's system is a major upgrade of an already successful Tank Battle game engine from HexWar. The game has 15 missions to play through, with a wide range of features, including four troop classes (Raw, Average, Veteran, and Elite) and other game features like detailed combat analysis, flank attacks, multi-level hills, map zoom, and so much more.

If you're still not satisfied, you can purchase extra content, including playing as the Japanese versus the British Commonwealth in a 5-mission 'Empire' campaign, playing as the British Commonwealth versus the Japanese in a 5-mission 'Commonwealth' campaign, or playing as the Soviet Union versus the Japanese in a 3-mission 'Red Bear' campaign.

Thank you for supporting HexWar Games Ltd, and get ready for hours of game play!
HexWar Games Ltd
Release date
Dec 25, 2015
Single player

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