Tank Battle: Normandy

Tank Battle: Normandy

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Storm the beaches of Normandy and lead your troops to victory in this historical wargame featuring 23 missions and over 100 unique units.

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Take part in the legendary wargame Tank Battle: Normandy, which is a vivid recreation of the Allied invasion of Axis-held European territories on June 6th, 1944. Choose your camp among the Allies and play as the British or Americans, or take on the fight as the Germans, who have an impressive arsenal of heavy artillery, tanks and bunker emplacements. Have a chance to try out many new fighting units as well as gain access to historically accurate battles in the game.

The missions vary from the carefully reconstructed United Kingdom naval assaults of Omaha, Utah, Sword and Gold beaches to the realistic missions from historical events. Whether you are in the lush forests and fortified beaches of Northern France, where only tanks can survive, or the tight urban environment, where infantry units rule, you will have to be at the top of your game to claim victory.

New features and improvements are available in the game, which is an upgraded version of the already successful Tank Battle series game engine. Enjoy high-definition WWII graphics with over 100 unique units. Play 23 included missions, including four full-scale beach invasions, along with purchasable DLC campaigns, such as Breakout, with 8 missions, Pursuit, with 8 missions, and Overlord! campaign, with six missions. Play as the Allies or the Germans and repel invasions as you conquer your objectives.

You will encounter various mission objectives with escorting units, holding positions, capturing points, repairing, and destroying the opposition. There are four troop classes: Raw, Average, Veteran, and Elite, as well as specialized units like Churchill Bridgelayers, M4 Sherman Crab Minesweepers, M4 Sherman DD Floating Tanks, and landing crafts like LCT and LCVP.

The game also features strategic movement, elaborate analysis, flank attacks, indirect fire, mounting and dismounting vehicles, multi-level hills, minesweepers, bridge-laying tanks, and so on. You will enjoy hours of gameplay and be able to zoom in and out of the well-designed maps.

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HexWar Games Ltd
Release date
Apr 04, 2015
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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