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Tangerine Clicker

Game overview

Click, collect, and become a rich tangerine farmer in Tangerine Clicker. Use boosters and upgrades to grow your tree and share with friends.

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Are you prepared to strike it rich in a game of idle clicking?

Step into a world where you are the owner of your own tangerine farm and work tirelessly to gather as many tangerines as possible. Your goal is to organize the fastest tangerine collection process in the garden and maximize your yield at a faster rate!

Click the tangerine tree as much as you can and watch as your hard work pays off, earning you the prestige of a tangerine millionaire. Increase harvesting speed of your tree by utilizing boosters and collecting a large number of tangerines. Any aspiring farmer can achieve success in this idle game while sharing their advancements with their close buddies.

Main features:

Tap and Gather - Harvest all the tangerines that your heart desires! Click the tangerine tree to gather the maximum amount of fruit and grow your farm.

Upgrades - With every tangerine that you gather, purchase upgrades to enable automatic collection of the fruit every second.

Boosters - Boosters allow you to perform various effects that increase your score for a limited time. Utilize these boosters to pump up the watering and fertilizing of your plant to maximize your overall yields.

Using Boosters - Apply your boosters to collect all the tangerines in a blink of an eye.

Easy to Use User Interface - Play with ease and navigate through a user-friendly interface.

Beautiful Animations and Graphics - The visual aspect of the game is stunning, making it an engaging and aesthetic experience.

Patience is key when it comes to discovering the tangerine farming simulator. Witness the process of turning an insignificant plant into a fertile and profitable tree.

If you prefer to relax while playing tycoon games, Tangerine Clicker is the perfect clicker game for you. Click the tree, make the correct decisions and achieve optimal collection of tangerines to gain maximum results in this idle clicker game. Play offline as there is no need for an internet connection, and enjoy the relaxing mechanics of this game that make it an ideal candidate for other relaxation titles. Unwind with us and enjoy playing every day!
Release date
Dec 15, 2022

Gameplay & Streams

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