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Taming the Heart of a Beast

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Break the curse and find love among lycans in this adventure to retrieve a stolen artifact from a reclusive baron.

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Since the day you were born, your small village has been tormented by wild animals and droughts. The village elders request your assistance to obtain a valuable gem from a reclusive baron. However, when the furious baron demands the stolen item, you are handed over to him since it was already sold for food. Having no choice, the baron takes you to his castle as his prisoner, alongside his cunning servant and a decorated military official. Eventually, you discover that the baron and his companions are actually lycanthropes, but there might be a way to cure their affliction by seeking out a seer living in Bleak Wood.


Meet Emile - The Isolated Heir

Baron Emile is a taciturn and moody individual who spends a great deal of money attempting to break the lycanthropy curse that has consumed his life. Despite his cold demeanor, he conducts nightly watch patrols around the village to safeguard the villagers from attacks by ferocious creatures. His struggles with lycanthropy have taught him the depth of loneliness, but maybe you can ease his pain by being a friend.

Meet Paris - The Arrogant Aid

As Reinhardt Castle's dedicated servant and Emile's childhood playmate, arrogant confidant Majordomo Paris takes great care of the castle and its tenants. He's slow to trust, but he doesn't mind his lycanthropy and instead uses it as a social advantage. Although he may initially ignore you, if you play your cards correctly, you might discover a softer side to him.

Meet Kris - The Responsible Commander

Kris is a military commander, socialite, and self-taught artist who never passes up an opportunity to party. He frequently socializes with the region's most desirable gentlemen and ladies. However, his excessive behavior serves as a mask for his broken heart since he despises his lycanthropy and believes that a monster cannot attract anyone. Can you convince him that true love and beauty are beyond external appearances?
Genius Inc
Release date
Nov 21, 2022
Single player

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