Taming the Heart of a Beast

Taming the Heart of a Beast

Genius Inc
Visual Novel

Game overview


Wild beasts and famine have ravaged your small village since birth. In a bid to help the village, the elders enlist you to 'excavate' a jeweled heirloom from a powerful, reclusive baron. Days later, the angry baron makes his appearance, demanding the stolen artifact back, but since it was already sold for food, the villagers throw you at his feet.

Fate sealed, you’re brought back as a prisoner to his castle, where his cunning majordomo and a decorated commander also reside. Soon, you discover the baron and his companions have an accursed secret—they’re lycans! But rumors say a soothsayer dwelling deep in the Bleak Wood might have the cure…


Meet Emile — The Reclusive Heir

Taciturn and moody, Baron Emile spares no expense obsessing over breaking the lycan curse consuming his life. Although perceived as cold, he does nightly patrols around the village to help protect the residents from beastly attacks. His lycanthropy affliction has taught him the true meaning of loneliness, but perhaps you can help ease his woes…

Meet Paris — The Prideful Help

A devoted servant of Reinhardt Castle and childhood playmate of Emile, this prideful confidante takes care of the castle and its inhabitants. Majordomo Paris is very slow to trust, but he doesn't mind his lycanthropy affliction and sees it as a social advantage. He initially gives you the cold shoulder, but if you play your cards right, you might catch a glimpse of something warmer underneath…

Meet Kris — The Dutiful Commander

Military commander, socialite, and self-taught artist, Kris never turns down the opportunity to party. You can always find him mingling with the land's most eligible paramours… but his excessive behavior is really just a salve for his hardened heart. He hates his lycanthropy affliction and believes no one can truly admire a beast. Can you show him that beauty and love are more than skin-deep?
Genius Inc
Release date
Nov 21, 2022
Visual Novel
Single player

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