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Free to play, small starting cash from sponsors, simple games against others, cash-out via PayPal with up to 10% for charity.

TallyUP! is a distinctive game show that provides an opportunity for players to win real money without spending any of their own. The game is designed in a way that is fun, simple, and extremely fair. Play for free, multiply your winnings, and cash out via PayPal. Additionally, at least 10% of all winnings are directed towards charitable causes. Begin by claiming some free cash, courtesy of our sponsors. Next up, face off against another player and compete in a 1-minute game for a chance to win the pot and move up the Money Tower. These games are easily accessible, and anyone can learn and enjoy them in just moments. The Money Tower boasts an attractive prize pool. If you begin with a single penny, it will double after each victory. In just ten wins, your sum will cross $10 and increase to $10,000 after 20 wins. Eventually, after 30 wins, your balance could exceed an astounding $10,000,000! If and when you lose, the game provides additional free money to restart. However, the number of attempts per day may be limited. It is crucial to note that while playing, your real competition is other players and not TallyUP itself. The game distributes money to all players alike and allows them to compete against one another. Any losses signify a win for another player. The game has no incentive or intent to manipulate the results in any way. The chief aim of TallyUP is to give away as much prize money as possible- to players and charities. That is made possible by advertisers. In TallyUP, there is no way to risk or spend your money. Furthermore, victory requires no monetary investment. For everyone and anyone, the game provides a chance to win considerable amounts of free money in a completely fair and equal gaming environment. The mini-games are diligently designed to ensure every player has a fair shot at winning. The games feature elements of strategy, bluffing, luck, and game theory. Face off against other players in quick and engaging minigames, win their balance, and climb up the Tower. Alternatively, challenge friends or others to a MatchUP and play at your pace. You can hone your skills in Arcade mode, where you can face-off against other players and strengthen your minigame prowess. As soon as your balance reaches or exceeds $10, you may cash out your earnings via PayPal. When cashing out, 10% of your winnings will go towards supporting charitable causes. However, you are free to give beyond 10%, and your generosity will earn you a spot on TallyUP's leaderboard of its most charitable players. On Tuesday and Thursday evenings, TallyUP hosts an hour of high-stakes minigame madness called “The Surge”. Play against the best players and put your abilities to the test. Winners are congratulated publicly on the Tower and social media, with bragging rights to go with it. At the start of a new climb, you can spin a wheel on the Game Show to determine how much free money you will receive. Spins from the basic wheel provide no less than 1c and no more than 50c. Mega Spins are also obtainable, which yield access to a more special wheel. Mega Spins guarantee at least 50c and up to $20! Invite friends to TallyUP, and you can earn one Mega Spin (worth up to $20) for each one who joins. Moreover, everyone you invite will also get a Mega Spin right from the get-go.
Release date
Jun 24, 2020

Gameplay & Streams

TallyUp - Taking Down the Best for $10.24Abhai Sawkar
Tally Up|A mobile game against other players with cash prizes start with .65¢ with code UnknownClownUnknown Clown
Win Money with #tallyup and #earnmoneyonlineDomingo


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